Top 10 crypto exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrency and Gift Cards in Anambra State


Top 10 crypto exchanges for buying and selling cryptocurrency and Gift Cards in Anambra State

The importance of recognizing brands in similar areas of specialization and ranking these individual brands is important.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and digital assets among the youth in Nigeria, it's of great importance to organize and recognize those offering great service is putting credibility, reliability, and security of assets of its customers in mind.

This article reviews to review top 10 crypto brands in Anambra State Nigeria one can consider patronizing their services; considering less risk and high safety and security in check.

With the spread of cryptocurrency adoption among the youth in Anambra state and the upsurge of many exchangers, the case of rather cases of funds theft are alarming and rampant; it's important to trade safely and securely in order to avoid fund theft.

This article tries to recognize the top 10 brands that are rendering premium services and low risks involved while rendering a secured trading experience within and around the state and servicing other States in Nigeria as well as countries other than Nigeria.

1. CJ Grand Exchange.
CJ Grand Exchange has been able to build a robust and high-security trading experience for their customers recognizing the high-tech involved in blockchain technology. CJ grand exchange has successfully provided a Hi-Tech security system to care for the security risks involved in cryptocurrency.

Aside from the provision of security, CJ Grand offers an excellent customer relation while providing a user-friendly and dynamic website to improve the trading experience, inside trading only for WhatsApp business accounts anyone anywhere can successfully trade in their Instagram account or website, www.

Since winning the Best Exchanger Award in 2021, KachiPlug Exchanger has continued to dominate the Exchange world having made seamless the trading of bitcoins, Tron, and giftcard at one’s comfort. Having understood the complexities that accompany crypto trading which had limited individuals’ interest in cryptocurrency, Kachiplug through their website ( has made the trading of cryptocurrency and gift cards quite seamless, efficient, and risk-free.
Kachiplug Exchange is quite outstanding because of its pedigree in instant funding, trading at best rates, round-the-clock customer support system, exploration of diverse cryptocurrencies, surprise packages for customers on monthly basis, reward system for top traders, and most important top-notch security system for users.

According to the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Nlemchukwu Godswill, the company is driven by a mission to create the world’s best exchange platform for traders globally.

With a core mandate of impacting the trust of her customers and swift response towards customers' transactions, PassyXchange has remained one of the most popular and reliable Exchange platforms. The company has since 2019 not reneged on its assured commitment to maximum outputs and profits, which has led many of its customers to financial freedom.

A brainchild of Mr. Paschal Chineme Offor who sits on the board as Chairman and CEO, PassyXchange through its website (, deals on all kinds of cryptocurrencies, actively buys gift cards and bitcoins with ease, cryptocurrency wallet providers, bitcoin exchanges, payment service providers and venture capital; peer to peer lending, exchange-traded funds, over the counter trading, micropayments and prediction markets.

PassyXchange has continually reflected its mission to accelerate the global development, adoption, and transition to trading of cryptocurrency globally. The company is headquartered in Awka at Top Check plaza by Pat Clair close, off Commissioners quarters road, Awka, Anambra state.

Another exchange platform that has greatly lived up to its vision and mission as long as Exchange business is concerned in Anambra state is the USDPlug Exchange. The company’s trajectory has been premised on the provision of fast, reliable, and efficient e-currency exchange services.


Trading of cryptocurrency, and gift cards, among other exchanges, has been maximally optimized by USDplug Exchange as the company places a premium on ease of doing business. Their services have remained top-notch with unparalleled customer care service that ensures end-users enjoy seamless exchange on their platform.

According to the Chairman and CEO, Augustine Chidera Ezeh, USDPlug Exchange ( ) offers clients a high-tech security system, a faster trading process and awesome packages for affiliates and traders as well.

HarryB exchange found its way to the top through the ingenuity of the company where they believe every individual can become a great trader in the digital space. Not only offering a great and effective user-friendly platform to trade, but the company also encourages newbies through its CSR.

In a highly competitive digital space, the HarryB exchange offers customers an excellent and swift trading platform that one who isn’t conversant with crypto trade can easily grasp the intricacies of digital trading.

Talk about security on their exchange site ( ), and customer service, Harryb exchange is on top of its game offering robust exchange service to clients


One exchange brand anyone would want to trade with is obcrex.

The chairman and CEO of OBCREX, Obi Anthony Emmanuel chidiebere has remained true in delivering premium trading experience to our customers over years.

One cannot talk of obcrex without associate it with their fast, reliable up-to-date rate and payment to their customer, which is of Importance I'm the space of cryptocurrency; it's only normal to advise anyone to trade with obcrex.

Obcrex has remained study in the delivery quality and secure trading experience, their office is located at office C9 ultimate plaza, off club street, Regina, Awka Anambra state

7. Berryplug Exchange.

This crypto brand situated in Anambra has witnessed steady and consistent rise in delivering fast response and swift payment to their customers.

The genuinity of the company has paved way for more customers, servicing customers around and out of Anambra state.

BerryPlug is one company anyone can comfortably trade with without fear of funds theft or related issues on security.
Their customer service is wonderful and their payment method and pattern is very much recommended and commendable

8. Flow Exchange ( Investor Flow)

Flow Exchange has been rendering and still renders a premium trading experience to its customers.
They have successfully paid out to their customers in a fast and secure way.

With the rising of flash coins, and funds theft, one can successfully recommend Flow Exchange to anyone as they have shown reliability and transparency in handling their customers and resolving issues.

To enjoy peace of mind when trading, even outside of the Anambra state, one can trust this trade, they are real, genuine, and pays very fast.

9. Shaks exchange is another good brand anyone can comfortably trade with without worries.

They are into strictly buying E-funds, Buying and selling Cryptocurrency, they help their clients and customers build their crypto portfolios as well as teach crypto trading.

The chairman and CEO of Shaks exchange, Okoh Uchechukwu has remained dedicated in ensuring Customer satisfaction, this equally has helped them build trust and recommendations over years.

You can enjoy a seamless trading experience with shaks exchange.

In conclusion, this list tries to sort out the best cryptocurrency exchange companies that are doing well, putting into consideration so many factors; you are at liberty to make your choice.

Though, we advise you to do your due diligence and find before making your own choice.

Equally, note that the exchange company to choose at any moment is determined by the type of transaction you want to carry out at a particular point in time.

We will make efforts to review these from time to time and bring updates that will help you make informed choices.

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