What makes SurveySparrow the best online survey software

What makes SurveySparrow the best online survey software

There is a lot of free online survey software in the market, and most of them have features that are extremely useful for the business. However, here are a few pointers that will make you switch to SurveySparrow as your online survey software.

Conversational Surveys

The best online survey software like SurveySparrow helps you create conversational surveys that engage with your audience. While you move past boring forms and opt for conversational surveys, you can get a 40% increased response rate. Gather actionable feedback and useful data from your respondents using simple-to-use survey software that comes with umpteen design flexibility and options. With survey themes, create surveys just like you want. Period.

Get 40% increased survey completion rates using the best online survey software’s conversational surveys.

Dashboard & Reports

Online survey software with a powerful reporting module will help you make sense of the data you’ve just collected. Track your surveys with a dedicated dashboard and analyze them response-wise. Apply filters based on question & answer, method of share, respondent details, time, variable or custom parameter, and get crisper reports. Compare two questions using the cross-tabulation feature and gain richer insights. Export reports as PDF and schedule reports to automatically receive them regularly.

With online survey software, analyze data in detail using a dashboard and reports.

White-label Surveys

Your surveys now speak the language of your brand using the white-label feature. Brand your surveys with your logo, colour palette, and fonts. Add and share your surveys using a  custom domain- remove SurveySparrow branding completely. Custom email helps you share highly personalized, fully-customizable,white-labelled email surveys to your audience. CSS-customize surveys to style as per your needs using the best survey software.

Brand your online surveys using white label features.

Automated Pulse Surveys

Wasting time manually doing tasks that can be automated is foolhardy. Thus, pick an online survey software that comes with the feature to automate your periodic surveys. SurveySparrow’s recurring surveys help to schedule and share surveys at regular intervals. Configure when and how frequently you wish to send them, and forget about it. With this one-time set-up, you can avoid wasting time and effort. Set reminder emails to partial and non-responders to boost your response rates.

Automate your periodic surveys using the online survey software’s recurring feature.

Personalized, Smart Surveys

Respondents tend to abandon surveys that pose irrelevant questions to them, for instance, asking tea-related questions to a coffee-lover. The best online survey software helps you build smart surveys using conditional logic branching. With skip logic, you can shift the flow of the survey from one point to another. With display logic, show questions to respondents if only certain conditions are met. For instance, display coffee-related questions if the user is a coffeeholic.

With online survey software’s best features, personalize surveys for your respondents.

How does Online Survey Software Work?

Set Survey Objective

Set clear objectives and outline the survey flow before proceeding with the questions. Avoid covering too many topics that result in an overstuffed survey. Map it out and keep it focused.

Create a Survey

Keep it short and pose only relevant questions to avoid survey fatigue. Customize & personalize it for higher response rates. Keep it engaging and conversational.

Share Survey

Identify the right channel to share surveys. Embed it as a widget, share it via social media, send email surveys, or simply share a web link.

Analyze Results

Slice down the data and gain crucial insights using the best online survey software’s reporting module. Understand what’s amiss to improve your business’s functioning.

Take Action

Reach out to your unhappy customers and close the feedback loop, always. Integrate with other business applications like CRM and Helpdesk to create efficient workflows.

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